Cakeless Cakes & Designs
Perfect Presents from Practical Products
Cakeless Cakes & Designs offers creative gifts and party centerpieces for birthdays, births, bridal showers, weddings, teachers, holidays, housewarming, "Sweet 16," graduations and more!

We carry and customize everything from Diaper Cakes, Tricycles and Convertibles to Little Black Dresses made from tote bags, bar towels, and wine charms filled with rolls of paper towels.

Each of our show-stopping pieces continue to amaze once people learn that the design goes beyond what they see...most all of the packaging and structure is usable, too!

Our customization feature even allows us to create gifts from your chosen colors, themes and even items from store registries!

Contact us today! We would love to send you some pictures of available designs or discuss your ideas to build one from scratch.

Soon we will have our web site active with a full library of products and pricing, but until then, please drop us note!
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